Key topics

Module 1: Information technology

An increasing number of applications involving large data volumes are entering the marketplace, raising efficiency levels and simplifying processes. More basic research on big data is needed, however. Although such research does not generate results that are immediately applicable, in the long term it lays the groundwork for various applications. Among other tasks, the projects in module 1 have developed new data analysis procedures and techniques to help solve the problems faced by big data infrastructures such as analysis centres.

Module 2: Societal and regulatory challenges

Digital data can lead to new results and forecasts in the areas of trade, human resources, marketing and transport. However, this data may also intrude into people’s privacy, thereby raising numerous ethical, sociological and legal questions.

Module 3: Applications

Whether in the transport sector or in medicine, disaster prevention or energy management – the options for putting large amounts of data to practical use are almost boundless. Some of these applications have been developed in module 3.

Cross cutting activity

One means of encouraging collaboration among projects were so-called cross cutting activities. A cross-cutting activity focuses on one or several interrelated topics of interest to many projects of the NRP. Such activities will strengthen the coherence of the NRP and will contribute to important goals of the NRP.