Dialogue platform shows diversity of research in NRP 75

The contributions on the dialogue platform range from soil erosion and trade agreements to ultra-fast algorithms and much more.

How can computers support intensive care and emergency medicine? How does an economic impact analysis using big data work? What does big data have to offer climate science? What does an intuitive search function for bioinformatics databases look like? When Facebook is hacked, who calls for the public prosecutor? With the dialogue platform bigdata-dialog.ch, the existing website www.nrp75.ch has received an important expansion.

In addition to contributions and interviews with researchers reporting on their NRP 75 projects, a calendar of events that reaches beyond NRP 75 is also essential. Important events like the recent "Big Data and Global Trade Law" conference (see separate News) will be covered in articles. With "Ask an Expert", interested parties can put their questions to experts, who will of course be pleased to answer them.

The platform serves the interactive, fast but also short-lived communication between the researchers of NRP 75 and the most important stakeholders in politics, public administration, economy and of course the interested public.