Newsletter NRP 75 – 28 April 2021
"How many atoms in a human cell? We are talking about big numbers"
Interview with Bert Müller, SNSF National Research Council delegate for NRP 75, about NRP 75 and Big Data in general.
Big Data, Small World – looking back on an exciting event
Using apps, streaming music, sharing content in the cloud. This does not work without a free flow of data across national borders. Moderated by journalist Olivia Kühni, Mira Burri, PI of a NRP 75 project, Philippe Lionnet, SECO, and Marc Holitscher, Microsoft Switzerland, discussed what Switzerland should do to ensure that we can continue to communicate freely across borders in the future. Take a look at the recording.
Completed project: The legal challenges posed by Big Data: questions of exploitation and protection
Based on the example of intelligent traffic, the project examined who can determine the use of data generated by driving automation, for instance. Who has the right to make profit from such data, what role does data protection play – and could the data generated by driving be taken as evidence and used in criminal proceedings to press charges against the will of one of the parties involved?
Completed project: PIG DATA: Health analytics for Swiss pig farming
So far, Big Data has had little impact on pig and pork production in Switzerland. The researcher explored in this project ways of using Big Data methods for making pig farming in Switzerland more efficient and improving animal health and welfare by using data from across a complete pig production supply chain.
Completed project: Machine learning to predict the properties of chemical compounds
The number of chemical compounds is too great to systematically calculate them in advance. The effort would be too big. In this project machine learning was combined with the modern approximation processes used in quantum chemistry so that sensible predictions can nonetheless be made.
Completed project: High-performance computing on very large networks
Making sense of the information contained in networks is currently an expensive and relatively inefficient process. The researchers were able to change this. Most importantly, the storage system underlying the original out-of-core graph processing system proved to have much wider applicability, and was successfully used as an underlying storage system for general big data.
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12 June 2021, Museum of Communication, Bern

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