Newsletter NRP 75 – 17 August 2021
Achieving better traffic management
It is a well-known issue that many roads have traffic jams during peak periods. The large quantity of data from both smartphones and satellite navigation devices could help to improve traffic management methods and models. The ‘Using data traces to improve transport systems’ project is doing this.
Completed project: digitising the city with the ScanVan
The production of reliable 3D urban models is essential in developing autonomous cars and drones as well as for digital urban management. Failure-proof digitisation strategies based on omnidirectional central cameras – like with the ScanVan – permit to update 3D models in real time, thus integrating the fourth dimension – i.e. time.
Programming language support for Big Data
Scala is one of the leading languages for data science platforms and tools. In this project, we worked on new programming language concepts to improve the clarity and ease of use of the language in this domain.
Completed project: “Big Brother” in Swiss companies?
In Switzerland, as in other countries, companies have increasingly introduced new technologies to monitor their employees’ performance. Because Big Data can make companies more productive. However, unreasonable monitoring can destroy trust in the employer. The project aimed at analysing how companies can avoid this.
Completed project: Regulating Big Data research
This project has analysed existing ethical and legal regulations on research using Big Data. It also explored the practical needs of stakeholders by interviewing researchers and legal scholars with the aim of clarifying how to protect fundamental rights of research subjects.
Completed project: BioSODA – an intuitive search function for bioinformatics databases
Complex bioinformatics databases hold enormous amounts of knowledge that can only be retrieved with technical know-how. The goal of this project was to develop an intuitive, Google-like search function designed to help identify new correlations in the stored data.
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