Newsletter NRP 75 – 30 November 2021
“NRP 75 provides scientific findings and answers for the effective, appropriate use of large quantities of data”
Interview with Uwe Heck, Representative of the Swiss Federal Administration for NRP 75.
Completed project: Big Data Monitoring
The operational procedures of numerous authorities and companies are subject to strict regulations. In practice, it is often difficult to establish whether the rules in place are actually being complied with. The project developed algorithms that can automatically monitor regulatory compliance and handle large volumes of data.
Completed project: Efficient analysis of genomic data
Technological advances in DNA sequencing are making it easier to decode the genome of numerous organisms. The challenge that this mass of variable-quality data presents for biologists is how to analyse it efficiently and consistently. That is what the project has taken care of.
Completed project: Economic impact analysis using Big Data
Big Data improves both the forecasting of economic developments and the analysis of their impact. Whereas dramatic advances in forecasting have been made in the past, use of this data for measuring impacts was still in its infancy at the beginning of the project. The aim of this project was therefore to refine and extent impact measurement methods and apply them to a selected sample of research questions.
Completed project: Facing Big Data
In principle, sociologists should have much to contribute to Big Data analyses of the social world. Yet the methods training of most German-speaking sociologists is inadequate to deal with Big Data. This project investigated how methods, tools and skills drawn from the fields of sociology, data science and data journalism can be combined to enhance the sociological tool kit.
Completed project: Search engines of the future – conversational software
Intelligent software agents will soon be engaging in question-and-answer dialogues with us, as well as providing us with information and entertainment. To enable such interactive applications, this project investigated fundamental methods of machine speech comprehension and learning.
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